Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Left loonies and their favorite card game

The race card is always a leftist favorite. Full of emotion, short on intellect, showy, yet transparent. A sure sign of desperation. They are collapsing under their own weight of over-regulation, perceived self importance and personal ego. The article below is a great summation. The old media plays an important role because they are part of them, out of touch with what is going on (Charles Gibson) and virtually a 4th house of government attached to the Executive Branch at this point.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Iran new revolution

What appears to be an historic revolution is taking place in Iran.
Follow the details at
or on Twitter search using #iranelection.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Purposeful wealth elimination-Obama's Carnival

After seeing Bernake, Heitner and Obama on TV today, I believe that they are purposefully and systematically eliminating peoples savings/investments, killing pensions, continuing to raise taxes,and taxing small businesses hard so the Governement can control more of of our lives, reduce liberty and make people come begging, dependent on the Government. What other explanation can there be? It's not the deficit they claim to have inherited, which they have doubled...its not the banking crisis which they have exacerbated and sought to exploit as part of their crisis mentality plan.

His disregard of, not "the ups and down of the market" as he delusionally referred to today, but the steady, relentless down move of all markets and sectors is his demonstration of his desire to impose his socialist agenda.

Check out Cramer today -

While I take Cramer with some salt...he is on the money here, and I think the next round of "Tea Parties" in April are going to be very well attended across the country. I foresee a new Party of conservatives, voting out Democrats and Republicans. Republicans either return to their core principles or they will be finding new jobs outside of Government. The symbol for 2010 and 2012 needs to be a represent the sweeping out of Senate and House that will need to take place.

The country is being whiplashed by Obama's flailing, naive, cocky attempts to dismantle the capital markets, get control over our finances and then get physical control over us by his health care initiatives. It's like a bad ride at the carnival....I just want to get off.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Letter to my Congressman

I just read about the newest spending planned by the President and Hilary Clinton.....900 million to "rebuild" Gaza. Since when was Gaza ever "built"?!
I have sent the following to my Congressman who always politely responds that he will keep my views in mind, and then votes the party line like The Speaker of the House has him hypnotized....

Congressman Clay,
The spending madness has got to stop! The news that the administration (Sec. Clinton) wants to flush another 900 million down the drain in a naive attempt to buy goodwill from a revanchist anti-western culture to "rebuild" Gaza is utter insanity. Then, to have it administered by a corrupt U.N. is on the order of a freak show. This is really some change going from 85 million by the Bush administration in December to 900 million now! All the while the stock market slide looks like the Titanic trajectory.

Is it any wonder that the Congress job approval rating is now at 26% on the heels of an election?
IF The Congress and Senate were in the cockpit of an aircraft the stick shakers would be going off and the alarms sounding " pull up" "pull up", yet it appears that no one is paying attention to flying the plane.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

THe start of the revolt? A new tea party!

It may have started on CNBC today....check out this video...

Finally someone in the media with cojones to speak up.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The American Form of Government- a history lesson in 10 mins

Every one in high school should see this.

World History and Governments in 10 minutes!

Informative and concise...should be shown in every high school.