Saturday, February 6, 2010

Discontentment-a path to success

"there are times -- they mark the danger point for a political system -- when politicians can no longer communicate, when they stop understanding the language of the people they are supposed to be representing."
historian Ian Kershaw

Seems to be a rare time in American politics when the American people have such negative feelings about Democrats and Repblicans both.
24% of Americans, fewer than 1 in 4, trust congressional Republicans. 1 in 3 voters, view the GOP favorably. Almost half of all Republicans, 45%, disapprove of their party's congressional delegation.
Only 38% of American voters have a favorable view of the Democratic Party.

Is it any wonder then that "tea party" ideals are being so readily adopted and used as a litmus test to hopefully get candidates elected who can return both honor and functionality to Government. Maintaining standards consistant with the Constitution, and founding ideals applied to candidates regardless of party affiliation is the path to getting America back from the brink. The evolutionary process of creating an environment for getting people interested and engaged in learning more history and making independant choices has already started. The Progressive's attempt at usurping power, and ignoring American values is being seen for the danger that it is and God willing the elections in November will mark a date in history when America returns. The world is yearning for this return of American leadership, honor and respect.