Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When does change become more of what was?

I'm just sayin'....doesn't it seem like there are an awful lot of old Clinton era names populating Cabinet positions (or at least being talked about ) for positions?
2 of the scariest is the talk of bring Frederico Pena and Jane Garvey back to the Dept. of Transportation. Our dinosaur air traffic system would become fossilized with that duo in charge.

I truly hope that Barak Obama harnesses the greatest group of people and turns our problems into triumphs of American success that continues far into the future....but I get the nagging feeling he is like the character from the movie "Being There" Peter Sellers takes sound bites and TV coverage as his basis for knowledge and becomes a vapid hero of modern culture. Is "Being There" anything like "voting present"? I'm not the first person to find a connection with Being There....some would say it is Sarah Palin who is most like the Peter Sellers part, but she is too much her own person....while O seems to take what other want to see and wear it as a reflection. Lets pray it is thicker than the silver coating on the back of a mirror.

I thought the market would hold at 8,000....that being broken has me concerned...even if bargain hunting brings it back into the mid 8,000's for some periods...I used to think Glen Beck was too much drama and he is appearing to be more of a visionary. Know what you believe,and hold is likely to be challenged. It is said that our government was created by geniuses to be run by idiots...the last 8 years has seen much testing of's time for some incarnations of founding fathers to permeate all branches of government and keep things from going too far off track. The stopping of a government bailout of the auto companies is a start....

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