Saturday, September 13, 2008

Charlie Gibson

Charlie has proven himself to be as much in the tank for Democrats as the rest of the Mainstream Media, despite his (and ABC's) description in some stories leading up to the Sarah Palin interview as being the most fair.
Kinda like trying to identify what trash pile smells the best.

As noted recently in’s interview with John Edwards in 2004 after being selected as John Kerry’s running mate. Edwards had less than a full term in the Senate as his entire political background, and no foreign-policy, military, or executive experience at all. Yet Gibson didn’t press Edwards on these points at all. In fact, the entire interview consisted of a hard-hitting interrogation … on how mean Republicans are.

The editing of the program, particularly her answers must have been done by that character from Texas Chainsaw Massacre . Despite this her answers were calm, thoughtful and she didn't let him throw her. Note how at times he would ask a question and then not even look at her, an old interview trick to try to throw someone off balance. Notice the camera angles from inback of Charlies left shoulder, makes Palin look about a 5" tall child in her chair.....those shots are no accident. Hopefully when it's the Mccain/Palin WhiteHouse, the Mainstream Media will be religated to the back of the press room.

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Bill said...

I couldn't help but notice that camera angle, too.