Saturday, September 6, 2008

Moles, Media and New Favorite Bumper Sticker

I hate moles....My front yard has become something of a Grand Central Station for them. First time I've ever had a problem. I've put down stuff to kill grubs, and stomp down on their domed tunnels hoping to crush it, or them, and they seem to be somewhere else at the time. Know I know how Bill Murray felt in Caddy Shack. I think I'm going to have a lawn service try to rehabilitate my's going downhill despite my best efforts.

Living in Tucson or somewhere like it, with just rocks in the yard is sounding pretty darned good.

Speaking of Moles or I should say "weasels" Here is a good article on why Sarah Palin can't possibly make it in this election.....
Sarah Palin’s so-called sins ...
By Howie Carr | Friday, September 5, 2008 | | Columnists
Photo by AP

The trust-funded Beautiful People of the mainstream media and the Democratic Party are unanimous. Sarah Palin is a bad person. A very, very bad person.

Here is a list - a very partial list - of the reasons that the governor of Alaska is not qualified to be vice president of the United States.

She has never been on “Meet the Press.”

She doesn’t - or didn’t - have a passport.

She didn’t write her own speech Wednesday night.

Her 17-year-old daughter is going to be an unwed mother - oh, scratch that, Bristol’s getting married to the young self-described “redneck.” Ooooh, how retro, getting married just because you’re pregnant!

Her hairdo is so . . .’80s.

She’s not a citizen of the world, she’s a citizen of Alaska.

The baby Trig is Bristol’s - no, really, I read it on Daily Kos - oh, scratch that, the baby’s 4 months old and Bristol’s five months pregnant. Ooooh, how retro, actually going to term with a Down syndrome baby.

She’s not just a member of the National Rifle Association - she’s a life member.

She never heard of David Gergen, Sally Quinn or Jann Wenner, and she doesn’t care what they say about her.

Do you know anybody who has five children?

Do you know anybody who has a son in the Army?

Do you know anybody who has sold their jet - and on eBay, of all places, where all those tacky people go to buy the Formica for their trailers.

She does not own a Prius.

Who wears glasses anymore - my Gawd, can’t she afford Lasik?

She goes to a little Assembly of God church with one of those little message boards out front with a new Biblical verse on it every weekend and a minister has never once shouted from the pulpit, “God damn America!”

Of course, attacking the children of politicians should be off-limits - as long as they’re named Al Gore Jr. or Patrick Kennedy or Chelsea Clinton.

She’s younger and better looking than Maureen Dowd - much younger and much better looking.

She clings to guns and religion.

She was in multiple beauty pageants - and she won the first one.

She doesn’t make a thrill run up Chris Matthews’ leg.

She’s married to her high-school sweetheart.

Didn’t you read what they said about her in the National Enquirer - you know, that supermarket tabloid that you simply can’t believe a word of when they write about fine liberal Democrats like John Edwards.

She’s shrill, shrewish, bossy, brassy - you know, all those adjectives that are sexist if you apply them to Hillary Clinton, but brilliantly insightful if used against Sarah Palin.

Her husband was arrested for OUI, and so what if it was in 1986, there’s no statute of limitations on mentioning alcohol arrests, unless you’re talking about Bill Moyers, a member of the Kennedy family or some other liberal Democrat, in which case it’s a cheap shot to bring it up.

Her husband is a member of a union, which is okay, but only if it’s AFTRA or SEIU or the teachers union.

Unlike Nancy Pelosi, she actually knows that natural gas is a fossil fuel, and she also knows how to get it out of the ground - by drilling.

Her husband is one of those damnable snowmobilers - you know, Sally, those goons who make such a racket when we’re out trying to cross-country ski from the chalet, only she calls them snowmachines.

Her speech was mean-spirited, which is any attack on any liberal, as opposed to a liberal attack on any conservative, which is red meat.

She knows how to bait a hook.

She would pronounce “faux” as “fox,” only if she saw something that was “faux,” she’d call it for what it was - fake.

And the final reason the liberals can’t stand her: She’s not “faux,” but she is a fox.

My New Favorite Bumper Sticker............

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